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More corona testing to come, government predicts economic misery, Astrid Lindgren Award announced - 14:30 31/03
Radio Sweden

With Tuesday's news from Radio Sweden, I'm Lucas Christodoulou. The Social Democrat Green government has asked the public health agency to swiftly prepare a system for testing large amounts of people for covert in 19. Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Levine says this will help healthcare workers who are free of the sickness to keep services running. The government now also sharpened its recommendation for stopping visits to old age homes to be an outright ban on Tuesdays. Update from the public health agency deputy Chief Epidemiologist Standish balanced in says there have been 34 new deaths since yesterday, bringing the total to 180 and also 400 new cases discovered. Bringing the total to over 4400 this week, the public health agency will hold a meeting for laboratories and Regional Health authorities to see how they can work to carry out more tests, the government hopes to test 20 to 30,000 per week. The government expects unemployment to rocket to 9% during 2020 and the economy to shrink by 4% as a result of the Krona Crisis, Finance Minister Magdalene Anderson said on Tuesday morning. But there is a very serious economic situation globally as well as nationally and that just like during the financial crisis that started in 2007, it will take years to recover from this economic downturn for the first time since it was elected, Sweden's government has a positive rating in an opinion poll. The survey by Novus suggests that in the last month, more of become positive about the government then are negative towards it, and the prime ministers personal rating has also shot up. Placing him at the top of all the party leaders in Sweden now and the world's biggest prize for children's literature, the Astrad Lingren Memorial Award has gone this year to Korean illustrator by Aquino. The citation says she is published 13 picture books that are popular throughout Asia and that one of her most successful books, cloud bread, was published in English in 2011. That's all for today. Join us again for more news.

Record job losses, government presents financial measures, corona cases rise - 14:30 30/03
Radio Sweden

With Monday's news from Radio Sweden, I'm Lucas Christodoulou. At the daily update on Corona, the head epidemiologist at the public health agency says Sweden now has over 4000 known cases and 146 have died of the virus and dish technical says it looks like we are getting a hopeful flat and curved regarding the rise in cases. But the Board of Health and welfare looks ahead to next week's Easter School break and appeals to everyone to avoid traveling. Despite the traditional desire to take a skiing holiday. The government has presented financial measures to soften the impact of the coronavirus, the Finance Minister, Magdalena, under Sean, announced at a press conference today that they're making it easier to get unemployment insurance. For more details on this CR report on radio Sweden dot SC. And this government action comes as Sweden posts record job loss figures for March so far over 36,000 people have been given notice that they are to be laid off. This is 10 times higher than the same month last year. It is also the highest number of job cuts for a single month since records began. The majority of the job losses are in the hotel and restaurant business plus also agency workers then transport and retail jobs. Stockholm is worst hit with half of the proposed job cuts in that. Region at the same time thousands of new stuff and needed to take up jobs filling in for workers who were off sick due to stricter health guidelines because of the novel coronavirus, the jobs are in schools and other services that local municipalities provide as well as child care. There are jobs available in cooking, cleaning, janitorial services, transport and also looking after elderly people and those with special needs. And if you're wondering what people on the streets of Stockholm think about the pandemic, we have a report. On my website radio Sweden dot SC right now that's all for today. We're back with another podcast tomorrow.