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Lunch ekot: news and reportage - 10:30 13/09

And that means that here the luncheon is hopelessness great among the refugees on lesbos. The government is satisfied with the increase in the reminder fee for student loans despite seeing a debt increase in bailiffs and poor autumn harvest for apple growers is the hungry rönnbergs moth that bears a large part of the debt. You cut the apple. Then you see some small thin passages that become like b

Press conference with Magdalena Andersson - 14:00 07/05

Hmm precisely that the withdrawal deduction has not been scrapped completely under the crown bag and has been met with some criticism and she is reported thus the government prepare for a change the idea is then that it is flat rate of 700: - before tax that is paid the 1st sick day to be raised well then greet we have now magdalena andersson takes place but at the podium and we listen working day