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Morning echo: news and reportage - 05:00 11/09

However, morning shows the national police chief's statement about criminal clans being questioned within the police. More biofuels should be mixed into the petrol. The government and the cooperation parties agree long-term sick people with 19 symptoms should get better follow-up, according to the National Board of Health and Welfare. And then we get a report from lesbos in Greece on what will hap

Daily Echo: summary of today's news - 14:45 10/09

Income taxes are reduced by 13 billion in the autumn budget of the Center Party, it has been important to get a tax cut in place to ensure that the European Parliament has voted on tougher climate targets. European companies in China are sounding the alarm about political governance of the business community. That's the headlines in 4:45. Echo in the studio, karin car of Norway. Tax cuts for low a

Author Kristina Lugn has died - 14:31 09/05

You and the echo we broadcast live, hmm? Kristina's calm has gone out of time. There are reports coming to us right now. Actually it is. Immediately as they come the news that kristina calm has gone out of time and she was thus what we talked about the poet then kristina calm as. I have also been a member of the Swedish Academy and she grew up in Skövde among other things as well. Hmm, come to us