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News from The Echo - 06:00 13/09

All elderly should be offered free vaccination against them, they now consider representatives of several parties in parliament. It is an important measure, not least now during the coronal pandemic," said Christian Democrat Acko Anchor Berg Johansson, who chairs the Social Committee. While we give something good to the country's elderly and fragile who have had the great hardship in the spring, w

Morning echo: news and reportage - 05:00 11/09

However, morning shows the national police chief's statement about criminal clans being questioned within the police. More biofuels should be mixed into the petrol. The government and the cooperation parties agree long-term sick people with 19 symptoms should get better follow-up, according to the National Board of Health and Welfare. And then we get a report from lesbos in Greece on what will hap

Morning echo: news and reportage - 05:00 10/09

Here tomorrow the echo? More people on the run after new fire in the refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos kallinge residents who sued through the company for contaminated tap water meet the municipality in court today the risk of getting a disease only this in the law of the psyche can bring down the EU budget in parliament this fall and the World Wildlife Fund warns of mass extermination of