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News from The Echo - 20:00 15/09

This evening, israel and the Gulf states signed the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain under an agreement on the normalisation of relations between the countries. The historic agreement was signed at 1 ceremony outside the White House and President Donald Trump said it is a major step toward peace and prosperity in the region and was heard after now during imperial courses. Horse girl after decades

Daily Echo: summary of today's news - 14:45 15/09

Soon free to visit older relatives and friends again. Now the restraining order is being lifted. The population of wild animals has been reduced by 2/3 1970 and this decrease continues. But it is possible to stop the nature of death shows new un, report and so we have about concerns about the Swedish collective bargaining model. When the EU announces minimum wages here, today's echo is 4.45. I'm A

Lunch ekot: news, economy and sports - 10:30 08/09

The missing opposition leader in belarus is allegedly arrested at the border with ukraine. The autumn term begins in parliament, but the corona pandemic stops the usual ceremony and new growth figures across the EU show record collapse during the coronacrisis. It's the headlines in the lunch ekot Tuesday I'm angela vi sed or yes in belarus, so claimed state-controlled media this morning that the o