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News from The Echo - 20:00 11/09

Another Arab country is now normalizing its relations with Israeli U.S. President Donald Trump announced tonight that bahrain, too, supports the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates bahrain our follow normal sitting on widget relations and what I became known in mid-August that the UAE is normalizing its ties with Israel and since then the two countries have agreed to cooperate in

Rock legend Little Richard is dead - 14:15 09/05

Yes, rock legend little richard in death. It confirms his son for the music magazine rolling stones has the echo. We're live in the studio, do you hear? Marcus nilsson? Yes, a little jerk is hmm. But he's dead. He has had immortal hits with a lot of lodar, tui, lush, crazy, my narrow of course long tall sally are some of the works that are usually described as one of rock music's most important an

The Minister for Social Affairs wants the regions to speed up testing - 11:05 08/05

In the Minister of Social Affairs lena hallengren holds a press conference on coronal tests where the echo we send directly marcus nilsson in the studio and he now leaves to Social Affairs Minister Lena Hallengren who is head of microbiology at the Public Health Agency in late March April so gave the government public health agency the task of developing a national test strategy for expanded testi